Starting an exciting career as a penetration tester / ethical hacker in just 3 weeks!

Pentestmonkey is more than just a training site - we offer paid internships to all Pentestmonkey trainees through our parent company,

What does this mean for you? It means you can start to gain the valuable experience companies are looking for while learning to be a professional penetration tester / ethical hacker! We manage the projects and guide your testing activities, leaving you free to find the bugs using the techniques you learn through your training.


New students earn $50/hr in our internship program while gaining practical experience working on real-world penetration tests. That means you can earn back your entire year's tuition in just a few hours of internship. Moreover, every student who has completed the "Complete Ethical Hacking Course" is guaranteed an opportunity to work on paid engagements while we offer mentorship and help monitor your progress.

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