For Companies

Imagine a firm that offers the affordability of contractor-based penetration testing with the quality reporting and oversight of a professional services consultancy - that's pentestmonkey!

Our business model is simple; we curate and cultivate the best talent in the industry, and we handle all the details penetration testers hate - details like project management, technical editing, peer review, reporting, and billing. The result?


Get a professional-grade penetration test at a fraction of the cost of a PSO. 


For Consultants

Are you frustrated with companies like Fiver or Upwork charging ridiculous percentages for your hard work? Are you tired of competing with lowball bidders? Do you wish you could just focus on what you do best without playing the role of a project manager, technical editor, and bill collector?

Sign up as a consultant today and start working as soon as tomorrow!


For Students

Have you always wanted to become a professional penetration tester but found the bar a little high to get into the business? Most companies only hire experienced penetration testers, but how can you get experience if nobody will hire you?

Whether you're a beginner or have a few security certifications but lack practical experience, our learning and leadership platform includes over 20 complete courses that you can use to sharpen your pentesting weapons. Once you've completed the master course, you are automatically eligible to be assigned to a project and start earning.

Sign up today and kickstart your penetration testing career!