Earn Money While Learning to Hack


About Pentestmonkey

Pentestmonkey was founded for two simple reasons:


  • To provide the highest quality security consulting services at the most affordable rates.

  • To help fill the significant gap in skilled penetration testers by offering, not just training, but opportunities to engage in real, customer facing projects, to gain experience as a professional penetration tester.


We've combined the best aspects of Freelance Contracting with the best qualities of a Professional Services Organization to connect penetration testers with companies needing security assessments.

The Advantage for Companies

We've mixed the affordability of freelance contractors with the privacy, professionalism, and project management of a security consulting firm.

The Advantage for Consultants

You keep 100% of the hourly rate for contracts, and there's no report writing, readouts, bidding, or competing with lowball-offers.​